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Colonies are hand picked

We dont buy colonies of ants from anyone. All our Green Tree Ants are collected by us!!

Andrew Stephenson travels all over the world sourcing new and interesting social insect displays. Uniquely, all of our colonies benefit from a fully legal and ethical collecting and transportion process. No livestock is send by a third party, all of the ants we supply have been accompanied by Andrew from the point of collection to the point of arrival in the clients facility.

We offer free advice!!!

www.GreenTreeAnts.Com and its sister site, www.LeafCuttingAnts.Com have a fantastic reputation for follow up help and guidance!

Having established Leaf Cutting Ant displays as the most popular large scale invertebrate exhibit around the world, Andrew Stephenson is now building on this reputation by adding Weaver Ants to the portfolio. has become so successful worldwide because of the fantastic reputation Andrew has for provide limitless advice and support, both before and after delivery. Every day Andrew is contacted by establishments around the world for help and guidance. You can buy Green Tree Ants with the same confidence and assurance of continued support.

World First, unique new display!!

Green Tree Ants have appeared in the past for sale in Europe but none with legal permits!!

We set up the first ever public display of these ants in Korea and then followed this with the second in Dubai. There are no public displays of these ants in Europe. This creates an opportunity for your zoo to be among the first to display Green Tree Ants. The Internet is  very light on information regarding the husbandry of Green Tree Ants, most of what is written is based on the Red species from Asia. As an attraction for your zoo, in the invertebrate exhibit options that you have, there can be no more impressive display than Green Tree Ants.

Our Services

www.GreenTreeAnts.Com will locate and supply colonies of Red or Green Tree Ants with paperwork to any zoo or animal attraction in the world. We will supply the colony and if required design and build the exhibit or consult and advise on all aspects of the care and display of these amazing creatures.